Current PMD activities focus on two projects sparked by Covid-19.
Learn more about our current projects Aurovir and V-Risk, and further PMD activities.

Project Aurovir

The Aurovir project means the implementation of a unique mechanism of drug action: The virus attack is blocked at several targets. At the same time, the disease aggravating immune response is modulated.

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Project Vi-RISK

What is my risk of infection? Combining personal with environmental data, our risk management system will provide risk warning in daily life.

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Research activities in the fields of latent and chronic infections, cancer drugs and the blood-brain-barrier led to successful founding of new companies.

Profem GmbH

Profem realizes innovative treatment concepts for diseases with high medical need in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. The current focus lies on recurrent and chronic infections of the lower genito-urinary tract. The company, which was founded in 2012, has successfully developed its lead project CandiplusĀ® up to clinical development phase 3.

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BM Health GmbH

More than 20 years of research on the function of the blood-brain-barrier and itĀ“s significance in the development of neurodegenerative diseases led to the founding of BM Health in 2019. Launch of the first 5 products for support of mental activity and prevention of dementia is planned for September 2020.

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Rubiomed GmbH

Proprietory manufacturing platforms provide highly cost-effective access to HPAPIs, such as anthracyclines and nucleotide drugs. The future focus will lie on the development of highly effective oral combinations of anti-cancer treatments, applying, proteomics-based methods to compose and optimize the components.

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