The aurovir project means the implementation of a unique mechanism of drug action: The virus attack is blocked at several targets. At the same time, the disease aggravating immune response is modulated.

The Aurovir project is based on long lasting research activities in the field of chronic lung diseases and chronic inflammatory processes in general. The development of our proprietory candidate Dexpirronium (INN) has been performed from lab to industrial synthesis and with the complete pharmacologoical profiling in PMD. Following this work a comprehensive small library of compounds with tailor made M3 subtype specificities has been elaborated.

The interest in gold compounds originally derived from the development of a demanding manufacturing process. Based on the availability of the compounds, later on the pharmacological activity of the gold-1+-ion was investigated and proved in an allergic asthma model.

The combination of anti-viral activitiy directed against several crucial targets and anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory activity makes Aurovir a one-of-a-kind candidate for the treatment of the SARS-CoV-2.